“Simple Gatherings” is Simply Delightful!

I’ve enjoyed several of bestselling author Melissa Michaels’ books in the past, and also love following her regular posts on social media. She truly has an incredible gift to help us “inspire our homes”. When a new book title from this talented lady was released by Harvest House Publishers entitled “Simple Gatherings: 50 Ways to Inspire Connection”, I was excited to read it and hoped I could come away better able to “create memorable gatherings with simplicity and style”… I wasn’t disappointed!

The first thing I noticed after picking up my copy of “Simple Gatherings” is: it is an adorable book filled with appealing designs, lovely color photos, and easy-to-read pages of charts, lists, tips, quotes, and more! It is also small in size, but in an easily-accessible-guidebook sort of way.

The next thing I noticed about this wonderful book is: it is SO extremely practical and helpful! The content (of more than 300 tips) is divided into 5 chapters: Get Ready to Gather, The Atmosphere, The Feast, The Conversation, and The Special Touches. Interspersed between the chapters are sample party ideas, where Melissa walks us through the steps to prepare for and launch a specific type of gathering; my personal favorite is the Backyard BBQ Slider Gathering, (with the Weekend Brunch being a close second!). These sections are chockfull of photos, checklists, recipes, and other specific ideas to help your party-planning skills really take off.

If you have enjoyed Melissa Michaels’ previous books, are a follower of her blog, or are simply looking for a practical way to boost your proficiency at hosting gatherings in your home, I cannot recommend “Simple Gatherings” enough! For me, it is a guide that will undoubtedly help to improve my own skills right away, while also being in-depth enough that I plan to keep it handy and accessible for years to come. Thank you, Melissa, for writing such awesome books to help us “inspire our homes”… I can’t wait to read the next upcoming release, entitled “Simple Organizing: 50 Ways to Clear the Clutter”.

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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