An Action-Packed, History-Filled, Heart-Melting Adventure – guest review by Hayley

“The Sea Before Us” is the first of a brand new series that Sarah Sundin’s readers have been eagerly anticipating. After reading the first installment of the “Sunrise at Normandy” trilogy, I can see that this series is staying true to the author’s trademark of military adventures, and presents a brand new story of Texas-born Lieutenant Wyatt Paxton of the United States Navy, and British-born Second Officer Dorothy Fairfax of the Royal Navy.  After immensely enjoying this author’s previous series, “Waves of Freedom,” I was thrilled to join these new characters in their story which, unlike “Waves of Freedom,” takes place in Europe as opposed to the United States.

Themes of forgiveness, trust in God and so many other Christian elements are simply abounding in “The Sea Before Us”.  The growing of faith that takes place in Wyatt and Dorothy is inspiring, perhaps because it touched specifically on places with which I personally have struggled.  And what book would be complete without a healthy dose of laughter?  Well, “The Sea Before Us” is certain to give readers a few laughs, especially, at least for me, in the adorable antics of Dorothy’s dog, Bonny Prince Charlie.  Also, I am amazed at the time it must have taken for the author to include all of the fascinating historical details of D-Day and the months leading up to it, and also the roles of the British “Wrens” in the WWII effort.

As far as romance in this book, Dorothy’s relationships are rather complicated for a time, as Dorothy has set her cap for a man of poor morals.  Not surprisingly, this makes for a sprinkling of concerns in amongst an otherwise wholesome story, but even these are handled with discretion.  Finally, I must add that there is one storyline in the “Sea Before Us” that should be noted, namely, a heartbreaking and exceedingly evil scandal involving a person close to Dorothy.  While it is a rather integral part of the story, I am grateful to the author for keeping details to a minimum so that it rarely becomes uncomfortable to read.  And on the upside, this challenge is the springboard for some of Dorothy’s deepest development in her relationship with God.

Thus, at the end of the day “The Sea Before Us” is another wonderful release from Sarah Sundin.  With only a couple of concerns to be noted by readers desiring clean content, “The Sea Before Us” makes for an action-packed, history-filled, heart-melting adventure for those such as myself who enjoy WWII fiction.

I received a copy of this book free of charge, courtesy of Revell Publishers, in exchange for an honest review.

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