Breathtaking and Unforgettable

Have you ever read a novel that was so remarkably unique, masterfully written, and utterly compelling that it almost left you speechless with amazement? Lisa T. Bergren’s new story, which is book number one in “The Sugar Baron’s Daughters” series, is a historical novel that is nothing short of a masterpiece, and will sweep you away to a time and place that seems almost like another world (but one that is vivid and alive and fascinating all at the same time). “Keturah” takes place in 1772. It begins in England, but through the course of the book we journey with the characters as they travel to a new life (though not the one they would have chosen) and the legacy their father left them on the Caribbean isle of Nevis.

Does it seem strange to find a historical novel set in the Caribbean Islands? I thought so too! The setting itself is actually more like a primary character, and gives the whole story a fascinating and compelling flavor that makes it hard to put down before reaching the end. However do not make the assumption that this book is light and fluffy, like a “holiday at the beach” type of story… Quite the contrary, as this book is not afraid to delve into difficult subjects including the horrors of slavery, emotional abuse, betrayal, and redemption. Obviously, this content does not make “Keturah” an easy novel to read, but it does make it an incredibly powerful one.

“Keturah”, in my opinion, has all the makings of a classic. The emotions of the characters become our emotions, and their experiences our experiences. . . When a mudslide almost kills the characters we’ve grown to love, we feel the panic as they desperately search through the debris hoping to find one another alive. When horrible discoveries are made about someone Keturah and her sisters adored, we feel their pain and disillusionment. When they step off the ship that carried them halfway around the world, into a land as foreign as a new planet, their bewilderment is palpable. And when the island threatens to shatter them at every turn, we admire their courage and trust even as we understand what it costs them.

If you are ready to step into a journey you won’t soon forget – a journey that will stretch and challenge you, make you giggle and bring tears to your eyes, cause your heart to pound and then to melt – well, you won’t want to miss “Keturah”. You won’t regret reading this gem, even for a moment. And when the second book in “The Sugar Baron’s Daughters” series releases, if you are like me, it will unquestionably find a place at the very top of your TBR pile!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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