I’m Torn About This One…

Becky Wade is an amazing author whose stories sparkle with wit and whimsy, as well as characters who walk off the pages with their lifelikeness – from internal struggles to joyful triumphs and everything in between. Ms. Wade’s newest release from Bethany House is entitled “Falling for You”, and is the second full-length novel in the “Bradford Sisters Romance” series.

“Falling for You” continues the Bradford sisters’ story right where “True to You” left off, but this time with Willow as the heroine instead of Nora. I admired the character of Willow, and enjoyed watching her story of growth and healing unfold over time. The character of Corbin, ex-NFL quarterback, came across rather strong at first, but over time it was easy to warm up to him. Overall, their romance is sweet and enjoyable, except for when it crosses the line. . .

You see, when “Falling for You” begins, Willow and Corbin are at odds due to their painful break-up several months prior. That history is revealed later in the novel, and while it was handled well (and the characters do regret their choices) I wished it had taken a different direction – one more innocent. If this was the only issue I could sort of “forgive and forget”, but a few other issues arose as well… Those instances include numerous, detailed kissing scenes, and a secondary storyline with portions that are extremely immoral yet sort of swept under the rug and not fully dealt with.

In the end, I am torn between opposing views of “Falling for You”. I adored the witty dialogue, overall sweet story, and fantastic writing style – but I was frustrated with numerous scenes and instances that were more “PG-13-rated” than I prefer my Christian novels to be. I hope, at least, that I have given you a basic idea of what to expect when you pick up this novel. I do plan to read the last story in the series, (mainly because I couldn’t stand not knowing what happens to the third Bradford sister!) but I’m not sure I’ll go out of my way to continue reading Ms. Wade’s work after that, unless she tones down her romantic descriptions and immoral storylines significantly.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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