A Touching Story You Won’t Soon Forget – Guest Review by Hayley

The synopsis of “River to Redemption” drew me in from the moment I read the back cover.  It promised to be a tale of tragedy, healing, hope, and freedom given to those who should have never been enslaved.  This book delivered all of that, and more.  

As the newest release by bestselling author Ann H. Gabhart, “River to Redemption” takes on some difficult topics such as death and slavery.  Yet, even in the midst of this hardship, “River to Redemption” is a sweet story following the lives of two women, thrown together by tragedy, as we watch them walk the path God leads them to in order to find healing, love, and adventure.  Take note, however, for the beginning of this book is heart-wrenching, as it begins during a cholera epidemic, when death seems to be more common than life.

Throughout this book, each of the main characters comes to feel very real, as we share their most personal thoughts.  At times I found it just a little bit too personal as one character wrestles with decisions best left between her and God, but mostly it just brings each character to a vivid life with thoughts and emotions that I believe nearly every reader can relate to on some level.

I would recommend this book for any time of the year, but I found it particularly fitting to read it during the summer, as much or all of “River to Redemption” is based during a Kentucky summer.  Whenever “River to Redemption” makes it to the top of your reading pile, I’m positive it will become a story you won’t soon forget.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Publishing, in participation with a Revell Reads Blog Tour.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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