A Balm for the Heart

“These Healing Hills” by Ann H. Gabhart is a beautiful new story from Revell Publishers that is surprising in both its simplicity and in its ability to speak to the hearts of readers. Set in the Appalachian Mountains (don’t you love novels set here?) at the end of WWII, this story brings to life a special place and time in history that is, perhaps, unlike any other. Continue reading


An Interesting Story of an Unsuspecting Little Town…

Murder at the Courthouse imageIsn’t it fun to open the pages of a new book and immediately be transported to that location? Well, if you open the pages of Ann H. Gabhart’s newest release from Revell entitled Murder at the Courthouse, you will undoubtedly find yourself visiting the small town of Hidden Springs, Kentucky. It is a pleasant-enough town, with your average number of busybodies, family feuds, and personal histories that are known by everyone. One unique thing about this town, however, is the fact that it is home to a murderer. And not just any murderer, but one who leaves their victim on the front steps of the courthouse – in broad daylight! As you can see, Hidden Springs may not be such an ordinary town after all… Continue reading