The Electrifying Conclusion of “The Tox Files”

At long last, the epic chronicle of “The Tox Files” comes to an electrifying climax and shocking conclusion! “Thirst of Steel” is the third book in the riveting series written by Ronie Kendig and published by Bethany House, and is undoubtedly the best and most compelling installment of them all. If you have enjoyed the previous hair-raising operations of Tox Russell and the rest of the Wraith team, you will not want to miss this final conflict, which “Will hinge on one of history’s most dangerous blades”… The sword of Goliath.

Because “The Tox Files” are very interrelated and each builds upon the previous stories, I definitely recommend reading “Conspiracy of Silence” and “Crown of Souls” before diving into “Thirst of Steel”. With this final story, dozens of questions are answered, hidden secrets are divulged, and shocking developments are revealed – but it’s still a complete story of it’s own, too. Many locations, characters, and separate-but-connected sagas interweave to form an unforgettable thrill ride that is basically unputdownable – which is a little inconvenient in a 460-page novel of small print!

“Thirst of Steel” will undoubtedly appeal to suspense-fans of all ages, especially those who enjoy the inclusion of ancient legends, historical artifacts, and even romance. In fact my grandfather, who is very particular about the novels he reads, is a big fan of the series and was really anticipating this final installment. There is undoubtedly a lot of violence, and numerous frightening situations, but of course that is to be expected with this genre and subject. If you have read this previous novels in “The Tox Files”, you WILL NOT want to miss this mind-blowing conclusion – just make sure you have enough time to finish it in the next couple of days!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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