Highly Recommended Book About Defeating Envy in Our Lives

It’s a topic that is rarely discussed, but that affects all of us at some time or another. I’m talking about the feeling of envy, the sensation of a stinging heart when someone receives the very thing we desire. “Seeing Green: Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy” is a challenging new book written by Tilly Dillehay and published by Harvest House. If you have ever struggled with the ugly effects of envy in your life, this enlightening and Scripture-founded book will undoubtedly provide both a balm and a wake-up call for your heart.

One of the most prominent features of “Seeing Green” is the transparent, honest, compelling voice of the author as she leads us through her own experiences with envy, holding nothing back. Beginning with a discussion about the Glory of God (and the things that hint at this glory, such as love, praise, art, nostalgia), Tilly then leads us into a deeper look at truly understanding the roots of Envy. Using these chapters as a foundation, we then step into the more specific topics of what she calls “The Borrowed Glories” of: Body, Charm and Influence, Intellect, Options, Creativity, Competence and Control, and Relationship. Each of these chapters is incredibly eye-opening, not in a condemning sort of way, but rather in a hope-filled and inspiring way to help us turn our envy around into something good that brings glory to God, peace and growth to ourselves, and love to the object of our envy.

Following the “Borrowed Glory” chapters come three powerful concluding chapters that pull everything together, and help us walk away with a battle plan for defeating the envy in our lives. “Put Off, Put On” is a practical plan to help us utilize the strategy of Ephesians 4:22-24, to “put off your old self” and instead “put on the new self”. With thought-provoking quotes from both C.S. Lewis and Revelation, the next chapter discusses the only true source of approval we ever need. And finally, “Seeing Green” signs off with a reminder of the eternal promises that God has made to each one of us.

I applaud Tilly Dillehay for taking the “hush-hush” topic of Envy and dedicating an entire book to the understanding and defeating of this secret sin. “Seeing Green” is not just a book of platitudinous statements about how we shouldn’t envy others because it is a sin… no, this book dives into HOW we can STOP envying others, even though it is a difficult and sometimes lengthy battle. I highly recommend “Seeing Green: Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy” for just about anyone, because a) I believe it is a topic that we can all relate to in various ways, and b) this book is written in a manner that will bring about exponential results if we allow the words to sink into our hearts.

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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