A Compelling, Visually-Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Biblical Prophesy

If you have ever wondered about biblical prophecy, even if it was just a passing question that stirred your interest, I highly recommend reading a new release from Harvest House Publishers. Written and illustrated by Todd Hampson, “The Non- Prophet’s Guide to the End Times: Biblical Prophecy for Everyone” is an engaging and understandable book that is overflowing with down-to-earth information, helping us understand the ins and outs of the important element of prophecy in the Bible. Todd Hampson promises this book will a) cut through the complexity and confusion of his topic, b) be entertaining and user-friendly, and c) be full of fascinating visuals, timelines, and charts – and this book more than delivers on every promise.

Although I have done a bit of studying on biblical prophesy in the past, I never really found a resource that tied it all together or described it in a way that was meaningful to me. This book, however, was different. Filled with diagrams, charts, drawings, timelines, (and even humorous cartoons!) this book brings a weighty topic to life and makes it fun to learn about. This is definitely not to say that the subject of the end times is treated with irreverence or glossed over as something to joke about – on the contrary, I gained more understanding and grasped the meanings of so many prophesies that had never made sense to me before. In addition, I found the book instilled a sense of hope, as God’s plans for the future became a beautiful event to look forward to with anticipation rather than disinterest or dread.

There is SO much information packed into the 224 pages of “The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times”, but I will share with you just a few of my favorite (and what I considered most eye-opening) discussions:

  • Specific Examples of Fulfilled Prophecies;
  • Definitions of Key Terms;
  • The Keys to Watching God’s Plan Unfold;
  • A More Detailed Outline of Revelation;
  • The Signs of Nature;
  • and SO much more.

Throughout the book I was also encouraged to further research key topics for myself, as the author continually urges readers to form their own opinions through deeper study.

If you have ever thought there was no way you could understand the puzzle of biblical prophecy for yourself, I strongly encourage you to find a copy of “The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times” and begin a study of this perspective-altering topic. You will never look at words like “apocalypse” or “tribulation” again! Or, if you have studied this topic for yourself already, this book is still a wonderful tool that is filled with visual aids and well-researched explanations to help it come to life even more.

In the end, I excitedly recommend Todd Hampson’s remarkable new book to everyone who has ever thought that biblical prophecy was a complicated topic that should only be studied by “experts” – indeed, you will be well on your way to biblical prophesy proficiency after reading “The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times”!!

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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