Find YOUR Home Decorating Style!

When I was a teenager, I went through a stage of wanting to be an interior decorator. Something about taking a bare, empty room and bringing it to life by adding color, texture, lighting, furniture, and accessories. . . well, it just seemed so rewarding! Today, even though I don’t yet have a home of my own, I still love perusing home decorating and design books, discovering new elements of style and better understanding how to make a home beautiful, functional, and a reflection of the people who live there. . . A new release from Harvest House Publishers is a fabulous guide to letting our unique styles shine, and is also a beautiful volume packed with ideas, inspiration, and imagination!

“The DIY Style Finder: Discover Your Unique Style and Decorate It Yourself” is written in a warm and inviting style by KariAnne Wood, and is a thick hardcover book overflowing with colorful photographs on glossy pages, a quiz to finding your unique design style, adorable DIY projects, interviews with five home design experts, a decorating dictionary, detailed room tours, and SOOO much more. As we step into the pages of identifying our design style, we are delightfully deluged with pictures that illustrate each point being discussed – room by room – from entryway to bathroom, kitchen to bedroom. Not sure what your major design style is? I didn’t know either, until I read this book. Now I know that I prefer Transitional, as opposed to Farmhouse, Contemporary, Traditional, or Coastal. Aren’t you curious what your style might be?

One more seemingly small feature that I am grateful for is in the back, under Resources, where there is a list of the specific website links to artwork and pieces of furniture, plus the exact name of the paint colors and brands used in each photograph. (I was delighted to find the name of the bathroom wall color on page 155 is Mysterious Mauve – I am determined that the walls of the bathroom in my future home are going to be this color!)

So, whether you have a home of your own and are looking for DIY ways to help it reflect your family’s personality, or you simply enjoy the inspiration of browsing home decorating books and understanding your personal style, I highly recommend this gorgeous volume by KariAnne Wood. “The DIY Style Finder” will be a guide you refer to again and again, as well as an interesting conversation piece to share with friends and a lovely addition to your coffee table!

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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