A Beautiful Continuation of the Sunrise at Normandy Series – Guest Review by Hayley

In my reading pile, a new release by Sarah Sundin is always very eagerly anticipated!  This absolutely includes her newest release “The Sky Above Us”.  This book overlaps in timing with “The Sea Before Us” as all the characters prepare for the same invasion on D-Day.

Focusing on the second of the trio of estranged brothers, “The Sky Above Us” introduces Adler Paxton, a man haunted by his past choices that have not only hurt himself, but devastated his entire family as well.  At first appearance it would seem as though our “good girl” heroine Violet Lindstrom is his complete opposite, but outward appearances can be deceiving, and it is only when we look inward that we see those things in our lives in that need forgiveness.

I might as well say right off that Adler Paxton’s secrets are nothing short of shockingly dreadful.  Therefore, if you are a young reader, wait a few years before attempting this novel.  That being said, the redemption, forgiveness, and transformation that we see in “The Sky Above Us” could not have been illustrated so powerfully without the inclusion of these difficult aspects.  While I feel some details could have perhaps been spared, I cannot fault the author for including these messy elements, because isn’t life itself pretty messy sometimes?

I was also pleased by some rather “out of the box” thinking in some of the morals of this story.  We are all used to hearing amazing stories of missionaries, doctors, and veterans saving lives and saving souls, but this book brings to light some more “everyday heroes” in a way that is greatly encouraging to those who might feel that the calling of their lives is lesser than someone else’s.

While it may feel insignificant to some, there is one more small aspect that I must mention about “The Sky Above Us”.  I love that the heroine was tall!  Being a rather tall girl myself, I get a little tired of petite, short heroines with very small frames.  It was wonderful to be able to relate to Violet being taller than many of the people, including men, in the story.

“The Sky Above Us” is a beautiful, although sometimes difficult book to dive into, but mature readers will find endless amounts of value, and enjoyment by reading this dynamic story.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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