A Perfect Stepping Stone into Retreat With God

Ever since the release of Sarah Beth Marr’s first book, “Dreaming With God”, I have been looking forward to discovering what her next writing project would be. . . Now, a year later, her second release from BakerBooks is available and entitled “Whispers and WIldflowers: 30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God”.

“Whispers and Wildflowers” is a lovely, daily-reading, devotional-style book that is written in Sarah Beth’s signature style of sweet, gentle, warm, and uplifting. Each chapter is mostly individual (but should still be read in order, as they do build on each other). Every day opens with a key takeaway idea (sort of the chapter boiled down into a sentence or two) and a daily Scripture verse, followed by several pages of reading on the specific topic of the day. The chapter closes with a Garden Moments for Your Soul section, which contains a few questions for further thought, space to write your response, and a prayer that corresponds to the daily topic (with room to add more lines to the prayer if you like).

Several of my favorite chapters are: Be Rooted; Weed Out the Doubts; Love Lavishly; Like the Birds; Like the Wildflowers; Blossom; Sanctuary; and many more! As you can see, many of the topics are related to garden analogies, and based on themes of of retreat and rest, of leaving the pressures of life behind and drawing near to God for strength, peace, hope, and renewal. Certainly this is a relevant theme in today’s busy world, and “Whispers and Wildflowers” is the perfect stepping-stone into the practice of retreating with God for a little while each day.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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