Not My Favorite From Angela Hunt

Bestselling author Angela Hunt is renowned for her fascinating and insightful novels set in biblical eras. Her stories bring this period in history to life, and allow readers to feel as thought they are actually visiting the times and places and people of the Bible. Her newest release from Bethany House is the last installment of “The Silent Years” series, (set during the years between the Old Testament and the New Testament) and is entitled “King’s Shadow: A Novel of King Herod’s Court”. While still fascinating in its own way, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations of an Angela Hunt novel…

“King’s Shadow” contains a lot of characters, so many of them, in fact, that they are difficult to keep track of. The story also revolves around the wars, battles, politics, and deceptions that proliferated during Herod’s reign. If you like these sorts of details in your novels, you will love this book! But for me, they really seemed to weigh down the narrative and I had a hard time following the thread of personal stories amongst all the historical details.

In the end, this was not my favorite Angela Hunt story, as I felt that it deviated from having a personal, character-centered story at its heart. Instead it was more of a fictionalized narrative that focused on bringing historical details and events to life. I don’t mean there is anything wrong with this, it just wasn’t what I had hoped for or expected – but perhaps for some readers it will be exactly what they prefer in Biblical Fiction.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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