A Must-Have Journal For All Writers – Aspiring and Experienced Alike

January is a month of goal-setting and resolutions. This month I’ve started a new daily habit that I’m hoping will kick-start my creativity for writing again, and I think all writers (aspiring or experienced) will enjoy it as much as I do. “My Unedited Writing Year: 365 Invitations to Free Your Creativity and the Writer Within” was written by Hope Lyda and published by Harvest House at the end of 2019. It is truly a one-of-a-kind volume. I’ve been following along with the prompts every day this month, and am enthusiastic to continue using this interactive journal for the entire year of 2020 – who knows what will come of this exciting adventure?!

If you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t know where to start, or if you have been writing for awhile but are experiencing writer’s block or feeling stuck in a rut, this book is just what the doctor ordered! I’ve never seen another book like it, with such engaging and thought-provoking prompts that are challenging yet also doable, even for an amateur writer like myself. So what are these prompts like? I’ll give you a couple examples of my favorites so far, but keep in mind that I’m only 25 days in, out of 365!

  • Write two prayers using the haiku poem structure – which is three lines with five, seven, and five syllables, respectively. A true haiku is about nature, but you can direct yours however you’d like.
  • Word of the Day. When you see these Word-of-the-Day prompts with words or phrases to get the mind rolling and the writing flowing, go in any direction. No rules, just writing. Your first prompt is: Clean Slate.
  • Money is no object! Create your bucket list right here, right now.
  • You’ve been asked to be a guest host on a late-night talk show. Who are your musical, celebrity, or people-of-interest guests? What happens?

Sounds like fun, don’t you think? It really is! Setting the goal of completing one prompt each day has been so beneficial for me, and I can feel my creativity for writing stirring to life again. These prompts are also helping me to think more out-of-the-box, and with a more visionary outlook on life in general. If you enjoy writing but have trouble getting started, or if you just want a new creative outlet to work on daily throughout this year, I cannot recommend “My Unedited Writing Year” highly enough. Hope Lyda is a genius at helping people explore their own imaginations, unlock their creativity, and release the power of the written word in their lives. So find a copy of this book, and join me on an adventure that may change our lives forever!

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.









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