A Compassionate Reminder of God’s Provision

“In Want + Plenty: Waking Up to God’s Provision in a Land of Longing”. This title captured my attention and immediately filled me with feelings and images of my own story, my own life, my own desires and questions. Was it the same for you, too? Meredith McDaniel’s new book from Revell Publishers offers us a jumping-off point towards understanding God’s role as provider in our lives – not always in the way we want or expect, but always in the way we need.

I love how “In Want + Plenty” is more than just a book you sit down and read chapter by chapter… Instead, it offers opportunities for interactive responses in the form of ‘guided journaling’, corresponding music to listen to, case studies from the author’s perspective as a professional counselor, and space to listen to what your own soul is trying to tell you. Quite simply, this book provides nourishment and revitalization in our walk with God, and reminds us that just as he provided manna for the Israelites during their desert sojourn, he will provide the things we need, too – always right when we need them. And in this way, we, too, can “bloom in desert places”.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Publishing, in participation with a Revell Reads Blog Tour.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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