A Compassionate New Story from Susie Finkbeiner

Ever since finishing Susie Finkbeiner’s first novel, “All Manner of Things”, I’ve been waiting expectantly for a second story from this amazing debut author. Well, the time has finally come, and “Stories That Bind Us” released from Revell in the late spring of 2020! Just as before, Susie’s new story quickly worked its way into my heart and imagination, until it felt like I, too, was living in the “Godlilocks-sized town” of 1960s LaFontaine, Michigan. (“Not so big that someone could be completely invisible. Not so small that everyone knew the business of everybody else. It was just right.”)

“Stories That Bind Us” is a quiet, thoughtful novel that holds so much meaning tucked inside each page. It is heartbreakingly sad at times, and heartwarmingly funny and touching at others. Gently, it reminds us that we all have stories tucked inside our hearts, stories that are meant to be shared with the ones we love. Love and loss and the daily lives of ordinary people combine into a beautiful tapestry that emulates our own existence through the pen of this empathetic author.

I truly loved following along with Betty Sweet’s unexpected journey, one she never asked for or wanted, but one that may just end up being beautiful nonetheless. If you enjoy gentle stories that tug at your heartstrings and are so true-to-life that they may as well be written about your neighbors, I highly recommend the compassionate work of Susie Finkbeiner. I loved both of her books so far, and can’t wait for her next story.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Publishing, in participation with a Revell Reads Blog Tour.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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