This Story Is Like A Poem – Guest Review by Hayley

When I first opened the cover of “Set the Stars Alight”, I had no idea just how special of a book I had the privilege of reading.  Now, having come to the end of this incredible masterpiece, I truly cannot tell you how much it has blessed me.

The two interwoven stories of past and present are phenomenal.  The characters walk off the pages and straight into your heart.  But most of all it was the overall sense of wonder and emotion that drew me in.  It brought laughter and tears, sometimes simultaneously.  In many ways this book reminds me of a poem, or a song.  Each word is placed with great care and attention, and carries deep, rich meaning with every letter.  Every sentence seems to simply breathe life and hope.

“Set the Stars Alight” will take you to a world of wonder and miracles, where nothing is impossible.  And, as you let it’s words seep into your soul, you’ll see that the world within these pages is one and the same with our own, once you have the eyes to see it.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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