An Exceptional, Unforgettable, Faith-Filled Journey

Have you ever found yourself in a story?  By that I mean, found a character whose struggles and questions and aspirations are so much like yours, that their story really could be your story?  This was the case for me with Kimberly Duffy’s second novel from Bethany House Publishers, entitled “A Tapestry of Light”.  This gripping tale swept me away to India, where a young woman’s entire life is turned upside down with a terrible tragedy, followed by an unbelievable discovery.

This unforgettable book is powerful for so many reason, one of them being that it does not tiptoe around difficult themes.  The question of “What is the secret of faith?” resonated with me so deeply, and the journey that Ottilie Russell took as she discovered the answer for herself will stay with me always.  Kimberly’s writing style is breathtaking, and her descriptions of both India and England brought each land, opposite as they are, to life with vivid clarity.  The rich historical setting, and details about a fascinating art called ‘beetle-wing embroidery’, round out this story so that even though it is fairly long, I read it in only a couple of days – I couldn’t put it down!  

If you enjoy rich, deep, exceptionally faith-filled novels in the Christian Historical Fiction genre, “A Tapestry of Light” simply MUST be added to your reading list.  I was hooked with the first page.  And with every page after that, the sweeping drama, desperate search for faith and truth, and vivid settings of India and England transported me back in time, to a place so unlike my own – where I met a young woman with questions just like mine.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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