My Top Must-Read Story Of The Summer

Sometimes we need a gentle, slow-paced story that reminds us to take a deep breath and just…. be.  The Nature of Small Birds” by Susie Finkbeiner was just such a book for me, and it was also one of my favourite novels of the entire year.  This story is told in a chapter pattern where the entire book goes through the sequence of perspectives for three different family members, at varying time periods of their lives.  The neat part?  This story is primarily about a girl named Mindy, but she is not even one of the narrators telling the story!

The Nature of Small Birds” is a story about family, relationships, and how the bonds that connect us are sometimes forged by ties other than blood.  Written in poetic prose that is both lyrical and simple, it is a story of growing up, of finding our place, of getting old, and of remaining connected to the ones we love.  It is also a story of war and peace.  It is gentle, yet sweetly profound.  Now this may sound boring the way I say it, but in all honesty it is NOT boring, it is beautiful.  Breathtakingly, heart-achingly, tear-jerkingly so.  

I adored this book so much, and it is the perfect addition to Susie’s growing repertoire of stories that make her a must-read author.  This is her third book, and each one has earned a special spot on my bookshelves.  Thank you Susie, for sharing your heart and your faith with us through your writing.  Our lives are enriched because of it!

**This book has been provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

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