One Last Visit to Heritage, Michigan

I’ve followed the story of “Restoring Heritage” since the beginning, and have spent numerous pleasant afternoons in this little town, revisiting all the locals.  Since You’ve Been Gone” is the third book in what I assume is a trilogy(?) by Tari Faris, and it was lovely to meet a couple new characters and watch their stories both unfold afresh and tie in with the previous developments in the first two books.  An unexpected secondary romance is also featured, and will prove rather shocking as it illustrates that people really can change for the better when they accept God into their loves.

I will admit, Leah Williams, protagonist of “Since You’ve Been Gone”, drove me crazy at times with her idealistic notions and impractical plans.  I often wondered what exactly Jonathan saw in her, and how he could be so patient with her silliness!  However, although Leah’s personality clashes (severely!) with mine, it was still a compelling and enjoyable story that immersed me from the beginning.  I also had several questions answered, that have been “bothering” me since book #1…. Important ones, such as: what is the story behind Otis the brass hippopotamus, and how does he mysteriously move around town only at night?!  Well, just read this story and all your questions will be answered, lol.  

If you enjoy small-town stories with sweet and clean romances, happy endings, and all the interwoven relationships and histories that come along with tightly knit communities, I highly recommend the entire “Restoring Heritage” series.  Although you could read the stories separately, they are much better enjoyed together.  So what are you waiting for?  Why not take a much-needed vacation to Heritage, Michigan, and settle in for a sweet and memorable visit with friends, old and new.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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