An Unforgettable Final Visit To Misty River

Becky Wade always pens such satisfying, sigh-worthy novels that enmesh faith, romance, and a twisting-turning plot – the result is a story that stays with you long after you reach the end.  Turn to Me” is the third and final story in the “Misty River Romance” series, and as you can imagine, it was a bittersweet moment reading the final pages.  Luckily, this story in particular could definitely be read again one day soon!

There are soooo many reasons why I loved “Turn to Me”, but here are the top five:

  • 1. An animal rescue centre plays a huge role in this story, and I loved every bit of it!  As an animal care worker myself, I found that Becky definitely brought the different aspects of running a shelter to life with realistic details – not to mention cute puppies that added so much charm to the story. 
  • 2. The plot centers around a treasure hunt… who doesn’t love treasure hunting!  And let me just say, this one in particular is epic.  (We are talking far-reaching, legendary, challenging… you get the idea!)
  • 3. I’ve been excited to hear Luke’s story ever since learning about him as one of the “Miracle Five” children who characterize the pages of the Misty River series (they are the miraculous survivors of a severe earthquake years before).  Luke’s story is definitely worth the wait.  
  • 4. The theme of embracing new beginnings is poignant and beautifully portrayed in this story, because it centers around life after prison for an ex-con.  I found this hard-hitting aspect to be especially powerful – regardless of what we’ve done, God is waiting to forgive us if we repent and seek Him.  
  • 5. The humor in these pages is such a delight – it is rare for me to laugh out loud from a novel, but this book had me doing it over and over again!  The witty dialogue, interactions between characters (and animals!), and dry internal conversations just continued to crack me up!

I could continue on with more explanation why “Turn to Me” was such a delight, but I will stop for now and let you find your own reasons to love this story.  I will add the small caveat that there were a scenes I wish would have been edited a little bit for ‘mature content’, but for the vast majority it was clean and faith-centered and inspiring.  

If you have been looking forward to this final Misty River story as long as I have, let me assure you once and for all that it was well worth it.  Don’t wait a moment longer, I highly encourage you to find a copy of this story – I’m quite sure you won’t want to put it down until you reach the final, satisfying word.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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