A Fascinating And Fun Look At Biblical Genres

“Literarily: How Understanding Bible Genres Transforms Bible Study” is one of the most unique handbooks for Scriptural study that I’ve read.  Written by Kristie Anyabwile and published by Moody, this book is practical and thought-provoking, and also a lot of fun to read!

From Narrative to Poetry, Wisdom to the Gospels and Epistles, and everything in between, “Literarily” is not afraid of diving in and tackling every different type of writing included in the Bible.  As we uncover how the different genres are meant to be pondered and applied, so much is revealed and becomes clear – it’s honestly amazing, what a difference this understanding makes!  

The best feature of all about this book, in my opinion, is the opportunity at the end of each chapter to practice applying what we’ve learned.  For example, to conclude the chapter about Poetry and Songs, we are given some guidelines for using Psalm 3 to work through some of the main principles we just learned about.  Imagery, senses, wording and rhythm, comparison, and response are just some of the aspects touched on in this study tool example.  

Without question, I recommend “Literarily” to anyone the least bit intrigued by the topic of Biblical genres.  With a warm writing style, oodles of wisdom, and a user-friendly layout, Kristie makes this a book I will go back to time and again – and it is one that will continue to impact my study of God’s Word going forward.  

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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