A Deep Dive Into Old Testament History

I’ve been excited about this new title from the Moody Publishers Bible Studies for Women series ever since I saw the announcement for its release.  The Godly Kings of Judah: Faithful Living for Lasting Influence – An 8-Week Bible Study” was written by Cynthia Cavanaugh and it is everything I was hoping for… and then some!  

I really appreciate and enjoy Bible studies that take me deeper into the Old Testament, because so often I need a little extra help understanding and relating to them. In “The Godly Kings of Judah”, we learn about the legacies of the kings who ruled Judah (after God’s people divided into two kingdoms) and come to understand that the way they lived their lives hold so many insights for us, today, as God’s children.  I was surprised and inspired by just how much knowledge we can learn and apply from these historical texts found in the books of 1 & 2 Kings, and 1 & 2 Chronicles!

Divided into eight weeks, with five days of intense study each week, this book is no small thing to work through!  Compared to other Moody Bible Studies for Women, “The Godly Kings of Judah” is definitely one that takes longer to complete each day, and requires more time to study background, setting, culture, context, etc.  This is clearly because of the nature of the topic, and I fully embrace how in-depth it actually goes.  Filled with charts we can fill out to better see the big picture, and lots of questions to help us understand the sometimes-confusing nature of the histories of the kings, this book also teaches personal application throughout it all.  

Without question, Cynthia Cavanaugh is to be commended so much for her amazing contribution to Old Testament Bible studies.  Her research is outstanding (I can’t imagine how much time this took!) and her questions and personal anecdotes are spot-on and full of wisdom.  If you are up for an intense, challenging, and ever-so-rewarding Bible study this summer, I highly recommend “The Godly Kings of Judah” – it is deep and challenging, but it will be worth it… I promise!  

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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