A Very Relevant Read

Foreshadows: 12 Megaclues That Jesus’ Return Is Nearer Than Ever” by Steve Miller has been called the most important prophecy book of the year, and I can certainly see why.  Published by Harvest Prophecy (an imprint of Harvest House Publishers) this book contains such an immense amount of information, and is an incredible resource for so many reasons.  Let’s take a look at just a few…

Foreshadows” brings to light events that are extremely current and relevant to our daily lives.  From the rise of technology and surveillance to the indisputable assault on truth, we cannot deny that major changes are taking place around us – but what does it all mean?  This book dives deep into answering that question with research-based evidence and wisdom.  

Steve Miller also brings God’s Word into the equation by applying what the Bible says about the last days, and how things will play out according to the prophetical timeline laid out in Scripture.  With skill and easy-to-understand language, this author helps us understand that prophecy is so very relevant, and coming to life before our eyes – if we will only connect the dots.  

One more reason I enjoyed “Foreshadows” so much is that it helps us have hope… You might think it odd that hope plays a role in a book about the end times – but truly, the more I’ve studied the topic, the more I realize that nothing provides more true, lasting hope than gaining a deep understanding of what God’s plans are for us, as His children, after we leave this earth behind and are taken up to be with Him forever.  As Steve Miller reminds us, “That’s a key reason God has revealed the future to us in advance – so that we would live in hope and not despair.

I highly recommend this book to, well, everyone living along with me in this day and age.  For the reasons mentioned above, and so many more, “Foreshadows” is a book that will change your outlook on the world, on life, and on our role in the future of God’s Kingdom… and what could be more exciting and hope-filled than that?!

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harvest House Publishers.  I extend my thanks for the opportunity to review this title, and wish to note that all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.


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