Challenging and Convicting New Title from Christine Hoover

I have found that you can always count on Christine Hoover to provide a hard-hitting message with her books – and her newest release from BakerBooks is no exception. “With All Your Heart: Living Joyfully Through Allegiance to King Jesus” is a powerful book that compels readers to answer this question: If our hearts are made for allegiance to a king and kingdom (which they are) who and what are we consciously and unconsciously pledging our loyalty to? Who and what are we truly living for, with the thoughts and words and actions of our daily lives? It’s a profound question, and one that challenged and convicted me simultaneously. Continue reading

Shining with Grace

From Good to Grace imageTitle: From Good to Grace: Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel
Author: Christine Hoover
Publishing House/Publication Date: BakerBooks/2015
Genres: Christian Living; Inspirational Non-Fiction;
Number of Pages: 219

You should read this book if… You have ever felt as this woman did, when she “poured out her… thoughts of despair and worthlessness that had kept her relationally isolated, wracked with guilt, and so sure that she was a deep disappointment to… her God. She could not receive the gifts God offered her – grace, rest, the enjoyment of her children, his strength in her weakness, joy in life – but could only twist them into shame-inducing evidences of her failure. Her sin was so much in view and grace so far out of range that she could only hear condemnation.” (Page 199) Continue reading