Study the Bible in a New Way

I recently discovered a fun, unique new Bible Study series called “Word Writers: Experience the Bible…Writing Word by Word”. As with most books of this kind, devotions, reflection questions, and quotes from Scripture are included in a daily reading, but with “Word Writers” there is one more – rather unusual – step… As the series name implies, in each “Word Writers” volume you actually write out the book of the Bible being studied, a few verses each day, from beginning to end! Written by Denise J. Hughes, this series is published by Harvest House. Although several individual studies in the series have now been released, the first one I chose to complete focused on the book of James…

As the introduction to “Word Writers: James” explains,

“A traditional Inductive Bible Study uses three key approaches to God’s Word: observation, interpretation, and application. Word Writers adds a crucial fourth dimension to the Bible study experience: saturation – the opportunity to write the Word. Because when we write it, we remember it.”

I would have to agree. Writing out the book of James, verse by verse, really caused me to slow down and take note of each sentence, and even each word. Of course, the material to accompany each day’s writing in “Word Writers: James” (including questions, personal anecdotes from the author, and corresponding Scripture verses) also helped me to understand and reflect on the passage, but actually taking a pen and writing the verses was the clincher to remembering what those verses said!

Overall I definitely recommend “Word Writers: James” to women looking for a fresh new approach to studying and remembering the Bible. Although not all of the daily readings within the book were relevant to me, the direction and motivation to write out an entire book of the Bible more than made up for it. I look forward to checking out another “Word Writers” volume soon… I just need to choose between Philippians and Ephesians!

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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