Inspirational and Challenging

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes it just can’t be helped! This was the case for me with Becky Wade’s newest novel from Bethany House Publishers, entitled “True to You”. Although I’d never before read a book by Ms. Wade, I just HAD to give this one a try, especially after reading the unique synopsis. . . To explain it simply: genealogist Nora Bradford and former Navy SEAL John Lawson work together to discover the secrets of a hidden ancestry, and soon begin to realize they make a perfect pair—until a wound from the past resurfaces and threatens to submerge any hope at a future together. As the first installation of the “Bradford Sisters Romance” series, this book did a fantastic job at not only creating John and Nora’s story, but also setting the stage for the other two Bradford sisters and their romances, too!

Nora Bradford was a character who entertained, delighted, and related to me on nearly every page. Not only a reading fanatic, lover of history, and fan of British television, Nora was also humorous, quirky, and oh-so-real. John was also an enjoyable hero, but he wasn’t as unique as Nora. Secondary cast members were charming and quite well-developed, especially the obvious stars of the upcoming books in the series.

For the first two-thirds of the book, the enjoyable character interaction and overall pleasant reading experience were my main impressions of the book. Then, things began to change a little. . . First the chemistry between Nora and John became a little intense for my preferences, with overly described kisses and feelings. Next, a secret about John’s heritage was discovered that was truly like a bombshell being dropped into the lives of the characters, and consequently into my mind as well. I can’t really say any more without giving away huge spoilers, but suffice it to say that this last portion of the story was extremely difficult to read.

So in the end, am I glad to have read “True to You” by Becky Wade? Yes, I can truthfully say I am. I do wish that some of the romantic scenes between Nora and John had been toned down a bit, and a big plot point was extremely difficult to handle as a reader, but there was one huge redeeming quality to this novel. . . The faith-based aspects were extremely well done. Themes of becoming a new creation in Christ, forgiving those who have wronged you in the past, and the amazing ways that God can turn horribly evil events into something truly beautiful and life-giving stand out the most. And after all, that is a big reason many people read Christian fiction—to be inspired in our faith in our Heavenly Father. Although definitely not my favorite book in the genre for above-mentioned reasons, it cannot be denied that “True to You” is both challenging and inspirational because of its powerful themes.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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