A Fabulous, Interactive Devotional to Inspire Creativity – Guest Review by Hayley

Have you ever felt as though you are not creative?  Maybe you feel like creativity is only something for those “artsy types” who are able to understand abstract art, or seem to always get the perfect angles in their photographs.  Well, in her new book, “Courageous Creative”, Jenny Randle is here to tell you that the creative journey is for absolutely everyone because we have all been created by a creative God.  Whatever your life looks like, this interactive devotional will be a valuable step to either boost your creative mind, or rediscover the creativity that is perhaps buried beneath the not-so-great parts of life.

Written in a warm, humorous, honest style, “Courageous Creative” is a daily devotional designed to take you on a 31 day journey to get your creative juices flowing and to help heal the blows that have been dealt to the creativity inside of you.  Each day’s reading is very short, which for me makes it very “doable”, and each chapter ends with a Creative Challenge which is where the interactive nature of this book comes into play.  The Creative Challenges are my favourite part of this book, as the ideas are fresh and well-rounded.  They consist of many topics from working with your hands, to mind-mapping, to creatively interacting with friends, neighbours and co-workers.  What I appreciate most about the Creative Challenges is that they do not require extravagant supplies that will cost money that some may not have.  I also love that, while stretching your mind and heart, the challenges will only take small amounts of time to complete each day.

I absolutely urge you to take this journey of creativity with Jenny Randle as your guide.  What I have written here is only a very small sample of all the gems found in this book.  No matter what your life looks like, you will not be excluded as “un-creative” in this book.  Instead, your own uniqueness will be celebrated and brought to light in ways even you didn’t know were possible.

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.


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