The Gripping Conclusion to the Windy City Saga

We can always depend on Jocelyn Green to bring us a heart-wrenching, soul-inspiring story that keeps us on the edge of our seats, as she sweeps us back in time and brings historical events to life through fiction.  I have long been awaiting the conclusion to “The Windy City Saga”, and it was finally released by Bethany House Publishers this spring – yay!  Drawn by the Current” is as unforgettable as the previous stories in the series, and our heroine, Olive Pierce, is a woman I can certainly relate to in ways both big and small.  

The true-life event that the plot of this story is founded upon is a tragedy that I had never heard of before – the capsize of the SS Eastland as it was docked in harbour on the Chicago River.  Hundreds upon hundreds of lives were lost, even though the water was less than 20ft deep, and numerous cases of mistaken identities occurred.  This is where our story takes off, as Olive  is an insurance agent for a life insurance firm.  As mystery, dark secrets, and the possibilities of new beginnings take hold in the aftermath of the disaster, the lives of the characters take unexpected and dangerous new paths.  

This story was so compelling that it was nearly impossible to put down.  Even though I’ve never been on a ship before, I truly felt as though I was there, onboard the Eastland, as it precariously tilted to its grave in the river.  And the aftermath of the disaster, as the themes unfold and the depths of the characters’ choices blossom, was inspiring to say the least.  Jocelyn Green’s talent as a writer is incredible to behold, and I will continue to read anything and everything that she writes.  Not only do we get an unforgettable story when we pick up one of her books, but also an insightful peek into Biblical truths that are told through the lens of a story set among the facets of a true historical event.  And that, my friends, is Christian historical fiction at its finest!  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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