Janette Oke’s Legacy Continues

We’ve reached the end of an era, folks!  Janette Oke, along with her daughter Laurel Oke Logan, have just penned what I presume will be their last novel.  Of course only time will tell if the duo has any more stories up their sleeves, but perhaps Janette is at last ready for retirement after decades of bringing us some of the most iconic and beloved stories in the Christian Historical Fiction genre.  

Unfailing Love” is the third and final novel in the “When Hope Calls” series from Bethany House (and also, somewhat confusingly, a companion story to the Hallmark television series of the same name).  This tale wraps up the questions we’ve been wondering throughout the previous two books, and provides the closure that only a satisfying ending can.  

Unfortunately, I felt that as far as an individual storyline this one was not as strong as it could have been.  It lagged in the middle, and I found it a bit redundant.  Also, our protagonist Lillian was not as well developed as before, and I found myself becoming a bit annoyed at her wavering back and forth.  However, minor disappointments aside, if we look at this story with an overarching, wide-angle lens, it helped me to remember this was only a portion of the complete picture.  It was the finale in a tale that has spanned much more than this single book, and in that way it redeemed itself.  The “When Hope Calls” saga would not be complete without “Unfailing Love”, no question.  The themes of God’s love and providence are ever-present, as are the heartfelt drama of two women who make it their life’s mission to love and provide care for children who have no one else.  

With this combination of hope and grace, a story that we were already invested in before even opening the cover, and the authorship of a beloved lady whose stories grace the shelves of millions of women around the world, I am glad to add “Unfailing Love” to my Janette Oke collection.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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