Wow – What An Amazing Book – Or Should I Say Battle Plan?

When I pick up a book by Susie Larson, I know that I will be challenged, humbled, and provided with so much wisdom and godly strength that I will not be able to remain unchanged after reading it.  Strong in Battle: Why the Humble Will Prevail” is her newest release from Bethany House Publishers, and is perhaps her most powerful work yet.  I honestly gained so much from this book that it’s hard to describe… but I shall do my best, because it deserves accolades in abundance.  

Let’s start with what Susie herself hopes we will gain from “Strong in Battle”…. 

“I’m praying that by the time we’re done here, you feel equipped, empowered, and encouraged to stand in faith, knowing you’re going to see God move in His time and His way.”  

With grace and many years experience of doing battle alongside God, Susie passionately guides us to form our own battle plans in this battlefield of life, because let’s face it – things are not easy right now, are they?  The devil is coming at us hard and fast, and unless we have aligned ourselves right up close to God, we will be knocked down time and time again.  And each time, if we allow it, the devil will make sure it’s harder for us to get up than the time before.  

So, umm… that sounded pretty doom-and-gloom, didn’t it?  But that’s not the end of the story, because God IS on our side.  God is our future, He’s our trust and our hope and our strength.  And if you embark on the journey of “Strong in Battle” – a book based in Scripture, empowered by prayers, and pointing always towards the work of the Holy Spirit – I promise that a fire will be ignited in you, too.  A fire of redemption, of expectancy for His soon return, and of confidence – not in ourselves, but in our Great God Who Saves.  For that is exactly what He will do in every area of our lives, we just have to live in readiness for the promises to be fulfilled.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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