A Great Resource

While prayer is something we are all familiar with, I believe if we are honest with ourselves it is also something we often struggle with. A new book from Moody Publishers addresses this topic directly with a book by Bill Thrasher, entitled “A Journey to Victorious Praying: Finding Discipline and Delight in Your Prayer Life”. This book is for you “If you’ve ever felt too busy, confused, or unmotivated to pray”.

This little book makes an excellent month-long daily devotional because the content is divided into short chapters that are packed with advice, stories, insights, questions for thought and journaling, key Scripture verses, and more. Written in an engaging, easy-to-understand voice, this book dives into topics including: Turning Temptations into Victorious Prayer, Being Guided in Prayer, Learning to Pray Scripture, Fasting, Discovering God’s Purposes While Waiting, Worship, and much more.

Not every chapter is likely to connect with every reader, but for the most part “A Journey to Victorious Praying” is a book that I’m certain will strengthen many prayer lives. Clearly it was written from the heart of an author who has sought God’s wisdom on every page, and the result is a book that is definitely worth reading, and then referring back to time and time again.

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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