A Satisfying Conclusion to a Fascinating Series

I always feel like sighing after finishing the last installment of a series, as it brings both a sense of completion and a feeling of regret that the journey has concluded. Suzanne Woods Fisher’s “Nantucket Legacy” trilogy, published by Revell, has now come to a close with “The Light Before Day”. The fascinating Quaker history combined with an intriguing plot, memorable characters, and a second parallel tale told through a decades-old journal, all combine to make this series one that I am glad to have read.

A unique facet of “The Light Before Day” is that it is told through the eyes of twin brother and sister, Henry and Hitty Macy (as well as a few other characters, on occasion). For readers who have followed along with the series in sequence (as I definitely recommend), you will remember that we’ve already been introduced to this pair as children in “Minding the Light”. Now they’re all grown up and facing difficult decisions of their own – primarily involving an inheritance from their manipulative grandmother, whose fortune can only be given to them if they follow her orders to the letter. As Henry and Hitty navigate the obstacles placed before them, Nantucket Island is facing enormous upheaval of its own – and some of the damage may prove irreparable.

I love how in the back of the book, Ms. Fisher explains how many of the events woven into the fictitious story of “The Light Before Day” are factual, based on the true historical accounts of Nantucket. This really adds dimension and color, and brings even more meaning to the stories. If you enjoy fiction based on true settings and events, or if you have been following the “Nantucket Legacy” series from the start, I definitely recommend “The Light Before Day” – the final installment of a unique and memorable saga.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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