A Spellbinding Mystery (But Not for the Faint-Hearted!)

You know you’ve discovered an author to watch when her debut novel is captivating, haunting, and truly holds you in frightened suspense from the first page to the last. “The House on Foster Hill”, written by Jaime Jo Wright and published by Bethany House, is just such a debut novel. Written with a spellbinding, dual-time storyline structure and filled with secrets and surprises that will keep you guessing, this story will live on in your imagination long after you’ve reached the final pages. Continue reading

The Long-Awaited Conclusion to an Unforgettable Series

For me, and I’m sure for many readers, it is always a bittersweet moment when you reach the final pages of a series that has worked its way deep into your heart and imagination. As one of my favorite authors, many of Michael Phillips’ series are very dear to me; but perhaps none quite so much as his latest work entitled “Secrets of the Shetlands”. Published by Bethany House in the summer of 2017, “The Legacy” is the final installment of the Shetland saga, and masterfully closes a narrative that weaves the past and present into a beautiful and unforgettable tale. Continue reading

Not What I Had Hoped For…

102+The+Magnolia+Duchess+by+Beth+WhiteSometimes you just don’t connect with a book in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, this was the case for me with Beth White’s third book in the historical “Gulf Coast Chronicles” series published by Revell, and entitled “The Magnolia Duchess”. Perhaps it was the confusing combat scenes… Maybe it was because the characters were, to put it bluntly, unlikable and annoying… Possibly the entire story being absurd and unbelievable played a big part… But in any case, I DID NOT enjoy this story! Continue reading

Intriguing Premise, Disappointing Details

14353_CountedWiththeStars_sliderThe Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, as told through the eyes of a young Egyptian girl… Truly, Biblical Fiction doesn’t get any more unique than this! “Counted with the Stars”, the first book in the “Out from Egypt” series, was written by Connilyn Cossette and published by Bethany House in the spring of 2016. As you step into the pages of the story, be prepared to witness the historic plagues of Exodus, and the fascinating culture of Ancient Egypt, as never before. Continue reading

Study History through Fiction!

To Capture Her Heart imageTitle: To Capture Her Heart

Author: Rebecca DeMarino

Publishing House/Publication Date: Revell/July, 2015

Genres: Historical Fiction; Inspirational Romance

Time Period: 1653 (Age of Enlightenment & Expansionism)

Number of Pages: 352

Series: Book #2 in the ‘The Southold Chronicles’ series

You should read this book if… You enjoy historical novels heavily based on factual, biographical information. Also, for readers who enjoy chronological A Place in His Heart imageorganization in a series, this story ties in closely with the first book of ‘The Southold Chronicles’, entitled ‘A Place in His Heart’. Continue reading