Now My Summer Is Complete!

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again – my summer would not be complete without reading a new Karen Witemeyer novel right in the middle!  In Honor’s Defense” is the latest Bethany House release from this prolific and bestselling author, and it is definitely one of my favorites.  It is also the third and final story of the “Hanger’s Horsemen” saga, and so it ties up all the lose ends we’ve been wondering about. Continue reading

An Enjoyable Continuation in the Brookstone Wild West Saga – Guest Review by Hayley

Acclaimed author Tracie Peterson has released yet another new title for her readers to enjoy.  “Wherever You Go” is the second in her newest series, Brookstone Brides, and features a character we already know from the first one, Mary Reichert, as well as a newcomer Chris Williams. Continue reading

Wow, What a Great Start to a New Series! – Guest Review by Hayley

“Come one, come all to the Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza!”  Who could turn down an invitation like that?  I certainly could not, and I’m glad to have accepted.  “When You are Near” by acclaimed author Tracie Peterson is the first book I have read by this author, but certainly will not be the last.  With a unique storyline centering around the star trick rider of the Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza, this novel is the first in a series to follow the stories of three ladies in this all-female performance. Continue reading

Fantastic Conclusion to the “High Sierra Sweethearts” Series

I’ve long been anticipating the third and final story in Mary Connealy’s “High Sierra Sweathearts” series, and at last “The Unexpected Champion” has been released! This exciting, sometimes-hilarious-sometimes-frightening story is a fitting conclusion to a unique series, and I’m so glad that everything is satisfactorily tied up for the family who claimed my imagination first in “The Accidental Guardian”, then “The Reluctant Warrior”. Continue reading

The Heart’s Pursuit review

The Heart's Pursuit imagePack your saddlebags, mount your trusty horse, and get ready for a westbound journey spanning hundreds of miles and a lifetime of emotions. In the new Christian Historical Fiction novel entitled ‘The Heart’s Pursuit’, author Robin Lee Hatcher takes readers on an old-fashioned adventure overflowing with uncertainty and danger, secrets and sacrifices, and maybe even love.

From the opening chapter, the story jumps into action when Jared Newman, a bounty hunter leading his current captive to justice, witnesses a young woman dressed in a satin wedding gown rushing from her own ceremony. Silvana ‘Silver’ Matlock was jilted at the altar, and not only did her fiancé skip town, but he took the savings and valuables of Silver’s father and stepmother with him. Without the money to pay back a debt, the Matlocks stand to lose their home, business, and way of life. In a moment of desperation and guilt, Silver resolves to bring justice to her family in anyway she can… Continue reading