Unrealistic, Uninspiring, and Unlikely

A Sweet Misfortune imageThe “Old West” is a setting familiar to all and beloved by many. In Maggie Brendan’s newest book published by Revell, entitled “A Sweet Misfortune”, all of the prerequisites for a great old-time western story are clearly in place. But is that enough to allow the story to leap out of the pages and come to life in our imaginations? Continue reading

Karen Witemeyer Never Disappoints

A Worthy Pursuit imageShe’s done it again! Karen Witemeyer has once again crafted a delightful historical romance set in her signature blend of western adventure and sweet relationships between vivid characters. If you have enjoyed any of her half-dozen other novels, her newest release – A Worthy Pursuit – is not to be missed.

So much could be said about this book… With an intricate and memorable plot, primary and secondary characters who ALL seem to walk off the page, and a rugged setting, each element combines to make this title impossible to resist. Continue reading

The Trouble with Patience review

The Trouble with Patience image

As the first book in the new ‘Vices and Virtues of the Old West’ series written by Maggie Brendan, The Trouble with Patience was published early in 2015 by Revell.   Although not as vividly real to life as many similar historical novels, it possesses endearing characteristics nonetheless. With an enjoyable setting and interesting storyline, this book is a fast, easy read.

Undecided whether this is the novel for you? Here are 3 reasons to read The Trouble with Patience… (And 2 reasons not to!) Continue reading